Mulder Training & Consultancy

Mulder Training & Consultancy is a one-man-company that is ran by Andries Mulder.

Andries Mulder graduated in Applied Mathematics at Twente Technical University in the Netherlands.

In 1978 he joined IBM to work as a systems engineer working with System 36 and with other small business systems.

When in 1980 the PC was announced, he jumped into that new area and soon he was running courses on Pc Assembly language progamming and C-language programming.

In 1989 IBM started a new exciting range of cryptographic products named TSS, Transaction Security System, the first product within the CCA (Common Cryptographic architecture) family of products.

Since 1990 Andries ran several courses on IBM's crypto products and he continued to do so, after he left IBM for an early retirement.

Andries currently runs several classes on this family of IBM products and he is IBM's authorized reseller for the IBM Custom Software Development Toolkit (UDX Toolkit) IBM 4767.