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The IBM 4767 UDX Software Developing Toolkit

- Introduction

IBM offers toolkits that you can use to develop applications that run within the 4767 Coprocessors.
In this way, the toolkit enables you to add new functions to the existing CCA API of the crypto card.

- Applications

The toolkit enables you to implement a variety of cryptographic capabilities within the protected hardware of the cryptographic device.
You can implement new algorithms and processes in the Coprocessor with the certainty that your object code can neither be observed while running, nor changed, by adversaries.

- System environments.

The development process for 4767 is required to run on selected IBM x-series models running Linux, but you can deploy your UDX functions on Windows systems, on IBM System-Z or on IBM power-Series.

- Examples of applications.

The Toolkit is used intensively in the smartcard industry where there is a requirement for secure connections between a smartcard and a larger cryptographic system like a cryptographic co-processor.
The toolkit enables the typical key-derivation processes that are used in this environment and that are required for secure messaging between co-processor and the smartcard.
Also UDX coding is used for the secure Pre-personalisation and Personalisation of cards.
Another application field is the support of PIN algorithms that are not supported in the standard CCA software.
Also the Toolkit can be used for any application that should run securely and that should be guaranteed to run unmodified.

- Toolkit Contract

The contract normally provides education, post-education support by email, licenses for the toolkit, and certification of your code-signing public keys, enabling loading of your software into a Coprocessor.
Also the contract can provide for consulting and application prototyping.
Mulder Training & Consultancy can also perform work-for-hire, may enter into joint development activities with you, or undertake joint research studies.

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